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Meet Dr Melissa Inger

Dr Melissa Inger

I was always a creative child who loved designing and making things with my hands. Throughout college I also found a love for science. Thankfully for me, dentistry is the combination of both science and art and this really appealed to me.

Education and Professional Development

Dr Inger, a dental surgeon, earned the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology) – BSc (Auckland)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Neuropsychology) – BSc (Hons) (Auckland)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery – BDS (Otago)

She stays abreast of the latest dental research and technology by taking various continuing education courses. Dr Inger is currently completing a three-year orthodontic course.

Helping Others Achieve Beautiful Smiles

For me, dentistry is about improving someone else’s quality of life — whether this is by fixing a back tooth to enable chewing or improving someone’s confidence by creating beautiful front teeth. Seeing someone excited about their teeth excites me too.

A little-known fact about Dr Inger is that she is completely ambidextrous. Because she is able to use both hands it makes performing dental procedures much easier as she can switch hands when necessary.

Outside of Work

When she’s not in the office, Dr Inger loves spending time in the outdoors and is an avid snowboarder.

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