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CEREC Technology

Digital Dentistry in Mission Bay

CEREC -1At Hello Dental we are always at the very forefront of modern technology. Having the latest advancements in oral health provide our clients with the safest most reliable treatment. With the CEREC® in-office milling system our dentists can create and place custom-designed dental crowns and veneers in a single visit. Dental crowns are used to strengthen teeth that have been damaged from decay or fracture. The are routine fitted over root canal treated teeth also. We have an extensive portfolio of smile makeovers whereby we create bespoke ceramic veneers that improve and enhance the beauty of each patients smile. In the past, crowns and other types of dental restorations traditionally required a time-consuming process that stretched over a fortnight. The older technique can jeopardize the health of your tooth as it would rely on a weak temporary covering to protect the tooth whilst you waited for your new crown.

CEREC® crowns and veneers can be made right here at the office by our cosmetic dentists. Our clients are encouraged to participate and design their dream smile together with our team.  The CEREC® procedure is very relaxing and often unnecessary to require numbing or a needle. There is no more use of putty impression materials, this is replaced by a very accurate scan of your teeth and gums, similar to a miniature video camera in your mouth. This digital scan is instantly uploaded our computers to start the design process. The ceramic restorations that are made can be chosen from a huge range of shades and colours, as well as adding personal glazing touches and characteristics to create a natural tooth that mimics natural biology. We call this bio-mimicry in advanced dentistry.

CEREC- Before and AfterUltimately CEREC® crowns are far superior to older generation crowns. Research shows that CEREC® crowns are 50% more accurate than a lab-fabricated crown. The process in which a lab crown is made is antiquated. Digital scanning is the most accurate method of obtaining data of your tooth size and shape. The software is able to calculate and capture down to fractions of a millimeter. Once our clients see their new tooth in 3D we can then send this to our onsite milling unit. The ceramic blocks are the carved out with diamond burs in our enclosed machine. This process takes 5-10 minutes. At our surgery this is when our clients relax with a cup of their favorite beverage. We’ve even had clients who have taken this opportunity to have a full manicure at our neighbors beauty salon. When we do a full mouth restoration for multiple teeth then the milling time can take closer to 60 minutes. Final touches, glazing and firing of the ceramic work is done with care, we then fit the ceramic straight in without needing to make any adjustments. Simply it is designed bespoke for you. A perfect fit every time.

CEREC® Doctors club is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world for pioneering dentists. We are fortunate to be one of just a handful that are in New Zealand. Having the latest technology brings huge joy and accomplishment to our team when we provide such high end treatment for our clients. Come in for your complimentary consultation to see why you should be loving your health and loving your smile.

CEREC®Restorations cost between $600 – $1750

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