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Invisalign® Mission Bay

We have helped hundreds of kiwis straighten their teeth via traditional metal braces as well as through clear Invisalign® orthodontic treatment. Straight teeth not only look beautiful they are often healthier being easier to cleanse. Clear braces are a subtle, comfortable way to get straight teeth without having to announce it to the world. It is very popular with our teenage and adult clientele. These braces are removable and allow the patients to take them out for meals and special occasions.

We Are an Invisalign® Platinum Elite Provider

It is an honor to receive the prestigious INVISALIGN® Platinum Elite Status award. Very few clinics around the world have been able to reach this status. It celebrates our success and experience in this field of advanced dentistry. Invisalign® treatment allows movement of mild to complex dental situations. It has proven to improve facial aesthetics and our clients have been thrilled with the cosmetic enhancements we have delivered. We see our orthodontic clients monthly to monitor the progress and improvement.

Once your teeth are straight we place complimentary fixed orthodontic retainers to maintain your beautiful asset long term.

Invisalign® treatment cost depends on the level of difficulty and ranges between $2500 – $11,000 most commonly the treatments are $6000.


Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign treatments have corrected over 6 million smiles world wide. It’s success is testament to the continuous efforts in testing by their US based specialist researchers in pushing the boundaries of digital technology in health science. It is a safe and modern approach to orthodontics. Invisalign is becoming more of a household name in New Zealand, people are loving how easy and subtle it can now be to straighten teeth.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is the worlds premium clear braces treatment. It is a new technique compared to the traditional metal braces option. Although we do provide both methods of orthodontics to straighten teeth; Invisalign is free from metal wires and hooks. It is a removable clear aligners which gets changed weekly. Through a series of different trays over continuous months your teeth move into a prescribed perfect smile. Through 3D image design at Hello Dental we are able to show our clients their final results before treatment even begins.

Who Is Invisalign Treatment for?

This treatment is suitable for teenagers and adults. Because each aligner and treatment method is bespoke to each individual. It can help correct early crowding in teenagers who are still transitioning from deciduous (milk teeth) as well as aligning more elderly patients who have always wanted straighter teeth but didn’t get the chance during their younger years. Invisalign aligners can also be used to prior to full cosmetic makeovers such as veneers and crowns to help minimise the amount of drilling that is required.

How is Invisalign different to braces?

The immediate and main difference is the discreetness of Invisalign aligners. It is barely noticeable and significantly more comfortable than the traditional ‘train tracks’ that are associated with traditional braces. They are removable which means you are able to keep good oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment. It does also mean that clients are required to be well disciplined in remembering to put their aligners back in their mouth after a meal. This can be a little challenging if you have a super fast paced lifestyle to be compliant with your aligners. We aim for 20-22 hours of wear per day.

Does it hurt?

Invisalign aligners should not hurt you. It will feel tight at first but this dissipates after the initial 2 days.

What is the treatment process like?

Initially we focus on your smile design. It’s important our clients can see their 3D predicted results before treatment even begins. This is a fun and creative process. We make sure patient expectations are met but also realistic. During the Invisalign process we see our clients on a monthly basis. These are usually short 20 minute appointments to ensure the aligners are being worn correctly and to check on the oral health such as the condition of the teeth and gums.

What is required for aftercare?

Once your our ideal result has been achieved we place retainers to make sure your investment is kept long term. These are very thin and attached to the back of your front teeth. We also have Vivera clear retainers which we recommend our clients wear at night time. We recommend 6 monthly dental and hygiene visits just the same as a client who has not had any orthodontic treatment. Having Invisalign does not mean your teeth will be more susceptible to dental decay in the future. Straighter teeth often reduce the chance of gum disease and tooth decay because it will be much easier to clean and floss.

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