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Root Canal Treatment

Tooth painToothache is often described as one of the most painful experiences humans can experience. Fortunately, we can treat pulpitis (inflammation of the dental nerve) successfully with root canal treatment.

This treatment is suitable for teeth that are still strong enough to be inside the mouth.

Root canal treatment can provide instant relief from dental pain and aches. The entire procedure may require up to to 3 visits. The good news is often the first visit is enough to alleviate the initial symptoms. When a tooth has an infection your body responds by sending pain signals through your nerves.

Cleaning out the source of infection can lead to removing the organic tissues within the pulp chamber and canals of the tooth.

A filling that extends down into the roots of the teeth is called a root canal treatment.

With our NV diode laser we have the unique ability to sterilize the canals to provide a very high success rate of saving infected teeth.

Hello Dental also works with some of the most highly regarded endodontists in New Zealand. We make every attempt to keep natural teeth whenever possible.

A traumatic accident or injury can also require emergency root canal treatment. This tooth could have been completely healthy, however if a nerve is exposed from a fracture we need to treat this.

Kiwis are very fortunate to have ACC available. For suitable cases we will provide you with an ACC dental lodge form. This is different to the medical ACC form at the hospitals. ACC often look after an injured tooth for life. Examples of situations where ACC is suitable would be sporting injury, work place injury, violence, abuse or daily accidents. Please note, eating or breaking teeth from usual wear and tear will not be accepted.

Root canal can successfully save you from losing a tooth. It is common for dentists to advise placement of a porcelain crown on to prevent brittle teeth from cracking. Or covering unaesthetic ‘gray’ teeth.

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